Embedded Hardware Design and Development is an integral part in the Product Development Lifecycle.

Funambolo'sEmbedded Hardware/Board Design team is specialized in the development of High Speed Boards (that demands high reliability & rigid delivery timelines)across wide range of Processor architectures. Our rich experience will be the value-add in Specification gathering, Board architecture finalization, component selection, schematic design, board layout, SI / Thermal analysis, prototyping, board bring-up or concept to fully tested units.

Our services include design and development of Quick turn demo boards, evaluation/proof of concept prototypes, Reference design circuit boards or custom built industrial / military grade / ruggedized / conduction cooled boards using 32-bit microprocessors, microcontrollers, SOCs, DSPs, FPGAs and analog circuits.

  • Single board computers (SBCs), Motherboards as per variousform factors
  • PCIe, PCI, PCI104, VME bus-based Add-on cards for custom applications
  • SOC based battery operated handheld devices with LCD and touch screens
  • Boards with small footprint and low power for critical space constrained applications
  • Microcontroller based boards for standalone and network enabled
  • industrial controllers or Machine to machine interfaces
  • Boards with wireless interfaces
  • DSP based controllers for custom processing and control applications
  • Ruggedized / Conduction cooled boards for harsh environments and military applications
  • Reference boards / bench setup for validating and testing silicon
  • Custom built test jigs for various applications