Engineering excellence is in our DNA – we strive for product excellence in the context of optimal&efficient Product solutions.

Our 6 decades of experience in designing with leading Controller & Processor Architectures, FPGAs, DSPs, Mixed Signal designs will be our value-add in identifying Optimal hardware &software architectures, designing hardware / software partitioning, components selection, schematic and PCB design creationto the Finished Product (w.r.t to EMC & other related standards).

Our established and proven eco-system of Component vendors, PCB fabrication& Assembly partners, Mechanical design & Fabrication houses, Testing houses& Compliance Certification will relieve you from coordinating with multiple vendors to realize your Product.

We can offer you complete Systems Design services for your new product development or redesign your existing product for enhanced functionality or for optimized production cost.

These services include:

  • SystemsRequirement Definition
  • Feasibility & Observation Report
  • Concept and Systems Design
  • Ergonomics and Interface Design
  • Mechanism & Motion Design
  • Control Systems Design
  • Electronics Architecture Design
  • Component Selection
  • PCB Design and Analysis (Signal Integrity, EMI, Thermal and Reliability)
  • Structural & Thermal Engineering
  • Electronics Prototyping (PCB Fabrication, PCB assembly and Testing)
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Mechanical Systems Fabrication & Integration
  • Qualification, Testing and Validation
  • Manufacturing and Handover