MODBUS to SNMP Converter/Gateway (MB2SNMP-2IO)

Funambolo’s MB2SNMP-2IOis an intelligent system which converts input data on MODBUS to the SNMP data format &then transmit it on the SNMP Line. The system supports up-to 16 MODBUS devices to be connected on the MODBUS Interface. The LCD displays the IP address & real-time clock.

Wired/Wireless Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor (FT-DTHS)

Funambolo’s FT-DTHS is an intelligent sensor to accurately monitor the temperature & humidity in a Datacenter or a Server Rack. The LCD displays the temperature & humidity readings at any moment.

SNMP Dry Contacts Monitor (DCM164IP-SNMP)

Funambolo’s DCM164IP-SNMP is an intelligent Dry Contacts Monitoring Device that monitors up-to 16 dry contacts. The system provides 12V isolated power to these dry contacts to read their status.

Essato Plug - Intelligent Cable patching & detection system

Our Intelligent Cable Patch Panel is a cost-effective (RFID based) innovative solution as compared to the expensive models. It’s a retro-fit arrangement that can be attached to any standard Patch Panel. Thus making each Port “intelligent” due to a miniature RFID antenna (retro-fitted to it). We also provide cost-effective “intelligent” RJ-45 cable with an RFID TAG attached to it.

SNMP Server Rack Monitoring System

It monitors the water leak, temperature, humidity & air-flow of Server Racks & reports any unacceptable variation in parameters for an instant corrective action.

It supports accessories such as Temperature & Humidity sensor, Smoke Detection sensor, Water Leak sensors etc. to present as an overall Environment Monitoring solution.

NFC (RFID) based Cable Identification System for Patch Panel in a Rack

Swimming Pool monitoring system

Water Leak Detection Sensor

Door Opening Sensor

Motion Detection Sensor

Smoke Detection Sensor