Wireless Alphanumeric & Animated Pedestrian Display With Countdown Timer Driver For Traffic Light Applications

Alphanumeric Numeric displays and timers are used in traffic junctions to indicate to the users, the elapsed time for their signal and other messages

MODBUS to SNMP Converter/Gateway (MB2SNMP-2IO)

Funambolo’s MB2SNMP-2IOis an intelligent system which converts input data on MODBUS to the SNMP data format &then transmit it on the SNMP Line. The system supports up-to 16 MODBUS devices to be connected on the MODBUS Interface. The LCD displays the IP address & real-time clock.

Wired/Wireless Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor (FT-DTHS)

Funambolo’s FT-DTHS is an intelligent sensor to accurately monitor the temperature & humidity in a Datacenter or a Server Rack. The LCD displays the temperature & humidity readings at any moment.

SNMP Dry Contacts Monitor (DCM164IP-SNMP)

Funambolo’s DCM164IP-SNMP is an intelligent Dry Contacts Monitoring Device that monitors up-to 16 dry contacts. The system provides 12V isolated power to these dry contacts to read their status.

Essato Plug - Intelligent Cable patching & detection system

Our Intelligent Cable Patch Panel is a cost-effective (RFID based) innovative solution as compared to the expensive models. It’s a retro-fit arrangement that can be attached to any standard Patch Panel. Thus making each Port “intelligent” due to a miniature RFID antenna (retro-fitted to it). We also provide cost-effective “intelligent” RJ-45 cable with an RFID TAG attached to it.

SNMP Server Rack Monitoring System

It monitors the water leak, temperature, humidity & air-flow of Server Racks & reports any unacceptable variation in parameters for an instant corrective action.

It supports accessories such as Temperature & Humidity sensor, Smoke Detection sensor, Water Leak sensors etc. to present as an overall Environment Monitoring solution.

NFC (RFID) based Cable Identification System for Patch Panel in a Rack

Swimming Pool monitoring system

Water Leak Detection Sensor

Door Opening Sensor

Motion Detection Sensor

Smoke Detection Sensor