Funambolo has implemented a proven, industry standard development processes to bring your products right the first time. These processes can be customised to meet the quality and process requirements of the customers. This allows us to keep our customers updated on progress made on a milestone basis. - Our processes are ISO 9001:2015 certified


Funambolo's team has a wide spectrum of technology skills ranging from system level development, hardware development, firmware development, driver development, system programming to application development. These skills cover almost all the requirements of electronics product development for clients.


Our technical team's ability to learn new technologies and adapt to new technological trends will keep your product at the fore-front of the technology. The quickness to understand the intricacies of various domains has enabled us to work across diverse industry segments. We are agile, but at the same time we are strong with the core fundamentals of product development.


We have built a proven eco system of component vendors, PCB fabrication and assembly partners, mechanical design and fabrication houses and testing houses for agency and compliance certification. We will coordinate with these agencies in realizing your product thus relieving you of the need to coordinate with multiple vendors